Skis, Boots & Gear Combo

Make your adventures count by having the right snowboard and gear bag.  Bags on wheels will always be a hit for savvy and wise travelers.  With its various functions, all your equipment will fit in the FISCHER Snowboard Bag (175cm) in no time! Equipped with soft cushions and protective inner layers, your precious items will be protected inside while it is being wheeled around the airport, hotel and around town. Snowboard bag with wheels is also a great choice. Visit this link to see more of these snowboard bags.

Features of the Skis, Boots & Gear Combo

  • Wheels

    Check out the wheels and see how sturdy it looks! You are sure to have the perfect companion for your ski adventures with this snowboard bag.  It is designed to help in lifting weights off your shoulder, while protecting your gear inside.

  • Inner Cushion Lining

    Snowboard gear are expensive and therefore needs to be cared for. Your travel would not be complete without the right kind of protection for your gears.  The inner cushion lining gives the soft cushion for the bumps on the road.

  • Large Size

    You can bring every item you want as it fits the size of the bag, which is at 175cm. Your snowboard and ski gear will be safe inside this large bag.  If you like a classic design, the simple black color will surely fit your fashion sense too!


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