Smart Watch


Take your fitness journey to the next level with this advanced Smart Watch! Equipped with a range of unique fitness features, this simple yet highly functional accessory will help you to transform your life.

A full circle touchscreen made with tempered glass and a vivid display presents an immersive experience combined with the advanced Nordic 52832 chipset. The pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, speed/distance tracker, and music control on this Carbon Smart Watch lets you track your fitness progress to notice weaknesses, areas of improvement, and your strengths; thus enabling you to make decisive changes to your routine.

The IP68 waterproof feature and long battery life mean you can go outside in any weather condition with this smart watch and enjoy using it for approximately 7 days without needing to charge it. The weather forecast, camera control, and push notifications via your smartphone also provides enhanced convenience and simplicity in your life.

Connect the Smart Watch to your smartphone applications to take advantage of all this watch has to offer. Wear it each day to work, the gym, or anywhere else to track your fitness journey and improve your health.


  • Nordic 52832 chipset provides an immersive experience
  • Full circle touchscreen with advanced functionality
  • Pedometer – counts your steps & calories burned
  • Heart rate + blood pressure monitor to help you track your progress
  • IP68 waterproof – suitable for rain, poolside use, etc.
  • Track your speed and distance
  • Push notifications from your phone
  • Weather forecast via smartphone app
  • Seamless music control from your wrist
  • Strong tempered glass with a vivid display
  • Connectivity to Apple/Android applications
  • Camera control via your phone (perfect for group photos!)
  • Long battery life (15 days standby, 7 days of use

*This watch is not intended to replace professional doctors advice. Please use this watch as a guide only.

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