You’ll never look better on the slopes than with one of these Snowboard Hoodie. Their trendy colors of bubblegum green, classic black, camo khaki, or sun yellow are incredibly stylish and look great when worn over some simple snowboard pants, a beanie, goggles, and gloves.

The Snowboard Hoodie’s shell, lining, and padding are made from a 100% polyester material that is not only comfortable and warm but also windproof. The various pockets let you carry all essentials with you on the go, like your GoPro, phone, and cash. One side of the hoodie zips open completely for effortless donning or quick airflow when you need it most – perfect for those sweaty snowboard runs.

Embellished on the front pocket is a stylish square brown logo, and the striped drawstring accents hanging from the side and hoodie give it that finishing touch of flair.

  • Various colors/sizes
  • Comfortable & warm
  • Stylish design
  • Side zips open
  • Various pockets
  • 100% polyester shell/lining/padding