Snowboard Powder Jacket

Become the most geared up skier on the mountain this season with this Warm Powder Jacket! With this slick and trendy jacket, you are sure to be noticed on the slopes. Pulling out all the stops with this jacket, with high quality materials that ensure you will be content all day long while you ski your favorite mountain!

Features of the Snowboard Powder Jacket

  • Warm

    With amazing cotton material this jacket is sure to be just the insulation you need to stay warm and cozy out on the chilly ski hill! This jacket pulls out all the stops with it’s windproof face mask and arm cuff that are built into the jacket as extra ways to keep you warm. There is no jacket that can warm you up quite like this Powder Jacket. Why waste your time buying a subpar jacket that will make you freeze while you could get the stupendous jacket that is the epitome of what a ski jacket should be!

  • Breathable

    Imagine going down a steep hill and making hard turns all the way down the mountain, it is no easy job! You work hard on the ski hill and will most likely break a sweat! Why get a jacket that is too heavy and will trap all the moisture when you could get the breathable Warm Powder Jacket? This jacket wicks away sweat from your skin to keep you cool and provides a steady flow of air to make sure you do not get stuffy in your jacket.

  • Waterproof

    Let’s face it, falls are bound to happen to everyone once in a while skiing! With this awesome snow jacket you do not have to worry about taking a tumble and be soaking wet and miserable for the rest of the day. The surface of the jacket is completely waterproof, ensuring that you can enjoy your day on the hill without having to worry about the elements!

  • Wear-Resistant

    There is nothing worse than buying a perfectly good jacket just to have it immediately start breaking down and getting ruined! The high-quality material in the Powder Jacket is wear-resistant so you can wear your jacket for a long time! Now you can go as hard as you want on your winter adventures without worrying about ripping your jacket.


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