Vector Goggles

Key Features:

  • Lens Size: 19.0cm / 7.48inches (W) x 11.0cm / 4.33inches (H)
  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Magnetic lens swapping
  • Two-way venting for comfort and fog-free lenses
  • Mirrored coating to minimize sun reflection
  • Lenses made from injection-molded polycarbonate
  • Many different lens color and VLT options
  • Impact-resistant lenses and soft TPU frame
  • Triple-layer foam for comfort
  • Long elastic strap
  • Wide view with spherical lenses


Vector Goggles REVO Coating and UV Protection

  • Revo coating provide maximize clearly visibility.
    Because the sun will be reflecting off of the snow on the slopes, it’s important that the goggles provide as much UV protection as possible and cover as much of the thin skin around the eyes as possible.

Anti-fog features

  • Two-way ventilation is the best way to ensure that your goggles stay fog-free.
    Special anti-fog coatings help deter fogging, too.
    Double-layered lenses do not fog as fast as single-layered lenses, they create a thermal barrier that is more resistant to fogging.


Interchangeable Lenses

  • The magnetic lens-swapping technology allows you to choose the lens that is right for the weather and light levels.


  • Triple-layer foam keeps the goggle from pinching your face.
    Soft TPU frame can protect your face well and make you fell comfortable

Strap Adjustments

  • Every goggles are equip with an extra-long strap to keep them in place and to make them more compatible with most helmets.
    Also our goggles have a single, sliding clip to make adjustments.

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VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Reference Scope:

VLT 00-08% – For Strong sunny days
VLT 08-18% – For sunny days
VLT 18-43% – For partially clouded to sunny days
VLT 43-80% – For cloudy days and dusk
VLT 80-99% – For night and heavily clouded days

OTG (over the glasses) design for men women and youth

Our Goggles fit over small or medium-sized glasses, ensuring that your eyesight is not compromised while skiing or snowboarding.
The length for your glass can match up to 145mm .