Waterproof Mittens

The wind and cold gives you the chills and it is when you know that winter is coming!  It is time to go outdoors and take advantage of the winter snow for some snow skiing action. The expectation is for all travellers to have the right protective gear and ski snowboard best snow gloves that provide the much-needed insulation, dexterity and breathability.

Features of the Waterproof Mittens for Women / Men

  • Versatility

    May it be for fishing, mountaineering, riding, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, running or just simply taking a walk, you are certain to have a reliable protective gear that gives you the all-around hand protection.

  • Breathable Fabric

    In most cases, mittens are reliable for insulation.  Having breathable fabric feature for these ski mittens give more advantage for the user as it keeps your hands dry despite of the inevitable moisture due to sweat.  Having breathable fabric also allows more comfort as it complements your entire snow outfit for the day.

  • Stylish

    Who says you can’t have style in extreme cold weather?  Add quirkiness that fits your personality with these stylish mittens.  It’s design allows you to stand out among the crowd with the unique and detailed design and colours.  A variety of colours is available in the mens snowboard gloves section as you choose from white, blue, black, black blue and black grey. Take your winter weather attire to the next level now.

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Material:Cotton, polyster,PU,waterproof membrane.

S :Index finger 7cm Palm width 7.5-8.5cm Total length 26.5cm(For Teen,or small hand adult.)
M:Index finger 7.5cm Palm width 8-9cm Total length 27.5cm(Women)
L:Index finger 8cm Palm width 8.5-9.5cm Total length 28.5cm( Men)
XL:Index finger 8.5cm Palm width 9.5-10.5cm Total length 29.5cm (big hand men)
(The error range is in 1-3cm.)
Package:1pair*Skiing Gloves