Women’s Thermals

When the wind feels like it’s ripping through you, you’ll be glad you’re wearing reinforcements. Long thermal underwear forms the foundation in a properly layered outfit. Though your new thermals are slim-fitting, they provide a touch a slag that allows warm body heat to circulate while you’re active.

Women’s Thermals Features

  • Versatile Women’s Thermals Underwear

    Wear as a base layer in the cold to stay warm and dry. If you find yourself in the desert or warmer climates, your shirt can be worn as a top layer. Dunking it in a cool creek before putting it on will help to keep you cooler for longer.

  • Available Colors

    Choose from several bright and vivid colors. Grab your favorite, ranging from black to eye-popping purple.

  • Comfortable Fit

    Provide a snug, form-fitting coziness without feeling tight. The high neckline blocks more cold air and is textured for style. The high-rise bottoms assure complete coverage.

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