Kids Ski Suit

If you had unforgettable skiing experience last winter, chances are that girls ski suit had something to do with it. This season, we bring you something new for your children. It is all about giving your kids maximum comfort and warmth all the way. It comes in all sizes and in various colours for your girls to choose from in the kids ski gear section. Winter is already here. Let your children step outside in style with Detector Winter Outdoor Ski Snowboard suit, which is now mid-priced just for you.

Features of the Kids Ski Suit

  • Hood Attached to Micro-Fleece Collar

    The health of your children is of prime importance. You want your children to enjoy ski trip and come back home without colds or coughs. The hood naturally provides warmth, but the fleece-lined collar used gives extra warmth. Your kid can use a helmet while wearing the hood for safety. There is no better way to safeguarding your kids this season.

  • Waterproof and Breathable

    Most of the ski jackets are waterproof with a degree of permeability for breathing purposes. The unique style is the use of fabrics that attract and ferry water vapour to the outer layer of the jacket. These materials wick water vapour away from the skin, preventing dampness and providing more comfort for the active child. The convey of moisture to the outer part of the garment takes place in two ways; through the fabric and the underarm vents of the jacket. Yes! The coat will allow water vapour to pass to the outside and at the same time prevent any fluids from passing to the inside of the jacket keeping your child dry inside and out.

  • Windproof

    Both the jacket and the pants have a unique combination of fabrics that are resistant to wind. The coat also comes with flaps as an additional feature to ensure that what is inside stays in and what is outside stays out. These flaps don’t let the wind in. They also serve as a waterproof barrier as the zippers may pass water through. Protect your children against harsh weather elements through the Girls Ski Suit.

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