Professional Ski Goggles



Helmet Compatible Adjustable Strap

The extra long elastic strap for any helmet compatibility. It makes these the perfect goggles suitable for both men, women & youth.

Flow Vent Technology

Designed to reduce fogging and optimize airflow over the inside of the lens, these venting ports prevent clogging from snow and ice and provide the ultimate defense against icy winds

High Performance Anti-fog And UV400 Protection

The JULI ski goggles featured with double lens made of solid PC material which came with unique material anti-fogging treatment and 100% UV400 protection that cuts the glare.

Color Options For Everyone

Available in a variety of different styles and colors, these are the perfect goggles not only for skiing , but also works great for All-Terrain Vehicle(ATV) snowmobile and snowcross,gliding,skating.


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Lens Size: 6.6 inches (W) x 3.1 inches (H)

Lens Material: PC + UV

Frame Material: TPU

VLT(Visible Light Transmission)Reference Scope:

VLT 0-10% – For sunny days

VLT 10-25% – For partially clouded to sunny days

VLT 25-60% – For cloudy days and dusk

VLT 60-90% – For night and heavily clouded days

Package includes

  • 1 * Ski Goggles
  • 1 * Goggles Bag

1.Please do not scrubbing the lens too frequently as it may reduce the performance of the anti-fog film especially the inner glass, please use the soft cleaning tissue to gently wipe away dust.
2. Please do not use mascara or other oily substance in case lens gets dirty.
3.Goggle has good toughness yet please do not bend it too much time as it may create scratch on the frame.
4.Please store the goggles at a dry & well ventilated place.
5.Please keep the goggles in the pouch instead of facing on the ground or desk.