Ski/ Snowboard Helmet

This ultra light ski helmet will allow you to fly under the radar, so you can focus 100% of your energy on doing what you love – hitting the slopes! The helmet has a ventilation system, allowing cold air to enter through the front and waste heat to release through the back. It also has a head circumference adjustment system for added comfort and safety, and removable lining, which is easy to disassemble and clean. The helmet comes in S, M and L . Check it out in the ski helmet collection.

Features of the Ski/ Snowboard Helmet

  • Temperature regulation system

    You’ll love the air flow system of this professional helmet, as it allows you to ski or snowboard in full comfort no matter the temperatures.

  • Well-Designed for Maximum Comfort

    The helmet has a ventilation system, a head circumference adjustment system, and removable lining.

Ski/ Snowboard Helmet Features

  1. Size(Head circumference): M(55-58cm), L(58-61cm)
  2. Weight: about 500g
  3. Type: Ultralight and Integrally-molded Helmet
  4. Air Vents: 11-14
  5. Certification: CE
  6. Material: ABS/PC+EPS
  7. Impact performance testing, stability testing and temperature testing of the most outstanding performance, security and more secure.

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